“Like snapshots of a former lover indented on ones memory, Robin Matto’s creations are like beautiful ghosts, hauntingly emotive, the essence of people and events that have touched his life now consent to spend eternity within the depths of his canvasses. R.Matto’s great triumph seems to be the unparalleled sense of depth he achieves in his compositions, the viewer becomes immersed into a strange universe of brooding colour, abstract organic form and mouth watering texture from which they can decipher their own individual interpretations of the works meaning. R.Matto’s combination of contemporary graffiti techniques and fine art teachings are fascinating, a piece of work could be reminiscent of William Turner, just as much as it could Banksy”.

“I am honoured to have been part of your creative process and dumbstruck to be the subject of such amazing pieces. Keep creating from the depths of your soul, the reflection is awesome”  Jenna G: singer-songwriter extraordinaire.