Robin Matto creates these projections by cutting a design into a lino-block then applying ink and making multiple prints onto paper. Once the ink is dry the designs are scanned and arranged on the computer so they can be saved as a GIF. As each of the prints is a unique reproduction, the images seem to become a living entity of moving textures. In the future these GIF’s are intended to be projected onto large walls in interesting places while bespoke musical compositions are played. These performances will be collaborative in nature and the interaction between the audience and the projected artwork will be the completed work. The videos will be collected and shared online as #projectionsessions.

S.W.W.P.A (She Who Washes Pain Away)

An ongoing series of work that explores “Achelois” the Ancient Greek Moon Goddess, known for curing the pain in her subjects and re-interpreting her as a anesthetic form of escapism for the modern age.